Benefits of Living in a Wooden Cabin


Blog Benefits of Living in a Wooden Cabin

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For many years, wooden huts and cabins were the primary place of inhabitance for our ancestors. 

However, today there may not be many that choose to live in a log cabin, but there are many benefits that present themselves with one. We are expanding on the most predominant of those benefits.


Other building materials such as steel and concrete are undoubtedly strong, but they do not possess the insulation that log homes can provide. Through a process called thermal bridging, heat is able to travel through steel thus the loss of heat in the winter months.

Wood provides great insulation against heat loss, and can also accommodate more heat loss through simple adjustments.

Saves energy

Considering the energy efficiency of building materials is likely to fall upon heat conductivity. The conductivity rating of the material is based on the amount of heat that it absorbs. If there is little heat conducted by a material, then the house’s utilities will produce less energy to produce in order to either heat or cool an interior.

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