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Choosing the right log cabin can be quite a difficult task, which is why have created this list of tips to help you with your selection.

1. First look

The appearance of the cabin should play a major role in the choice that is made. You may ask why; simply because you will be looking at your log cabin nearly every day when you look out into your garden and naturally, will want something appealing to look at.

2. Size

Ensure that you choose a cabin that is the correct size for your needs. You will not want a log cabin that is too big and doesn’t fit in your garden, similarly, you will not want a cabin that is too small and does not suit your garden.

3. Wall thickness

Different cabins have different wall thickness – it is advised to buy the thickest wall of log cabins that is affordable.

This is because they are more robust and can retain heat, and cool better.

4. Roof finish

A roof finish to avoid is felt as it will not last and isn’t as durable. Roofing should be chosen on quality as it is a specialised material and you will need it to last.

5. Building

Is it worthy to invest in one our team to help you build your log cabin as it can be a tough job to do alone. We possess the knowledge and experience and can erect the log cabin efficiently.

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