Do I need planning permission for a log cabin?


Blog Do I need planning permission for a log cabin?

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Back in 2008, the Town and Country Planning rules for ‘permitted development’ changed.

The section that is the most relevant to a majority of garden building and garages in the garden was section E that outlined ‘development within the curtilage of a dwelling house’.

The previous rules stated that there should be a 5 metre separation between your chosen garden building and your house – this rule no longer a requirement

The changed also stated developments with gardens of properties in ‘conservation areas’ and ‘areas of outstanding natural beauty’ are permitted, as long as the site is within 20 metres of the house.


– Maximum height of the ‘eaves’ of the building has a limit of 2500mm
– Said height should not be exceeded within 2 metres of a boundary
– All buildings that have a veranda, balcony, or a raised platform will need permission

Regarding planning permission for your log cabin, if you are able to meet the following criteria, you are exempt from needing any permission:

– Garden structures are to be sited in the garden of a detached or semi-detached property
– The property isn’t in an area of conservation or outstanding natural beauty or similar category
– The property is not a listed building
– The cabin will not be between the house and a highway (or if it is there shall be a 20 metres distance from the highway)
– The cabin will not be above 4 metres in height
– Total area covered by buildings will not exceed half of the garden
– The cabin is not to be used commercially (home office is usually acceptable if it does not detract from the main use of the property)
– The cabin is not to be used as a dwelling
– There are no other covenants that prevent you from exercising your permitted developments rights

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