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Blog FAQ: Log Homes

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Are log cabins energy efficient?

Any solid log structure is known for its thermal qualities. This is due to heat being trapped in the mass cellular structure of the wood, thus making it a natural insulator. Log cabins have the ability to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year as they possess properties that retard the transfer fo heat as well as the loss of heat.

Will I need planning permission?

It is dependant on the size of the cabin. Smaller cabins that come under 600 sq ft will usually be a semi-permanent and won’t necessarily need any planning approval if the roof is no greater than four metres at the apex.

In saying this, each local authority has different rules, so ensure to check with your local authority before going forward.

How long will my log home last?

Log cabins are incredibly durable, hence why they are increasing in popularity. There are many log cabins that are in the some of the harshest environments in the world (Siberia and Northern Scandinavia) those that have been around for over a century beginning from when they were built.

The same as any wooden product, log homes will need to be cared for and treated in order to keep the logs looking healthy and in good condition. Wood that is treated can last a significant number of decades on the sole use of the recommended treatments for the wood.

Are they suitable for all year round living?

It is possible to live out of log homes (cabins) is they are round log and thickly laminated or double skinned log buildings.

Did you know that a solid 200mm log wood structure has a greater thermal efficiency compared with two layers of any brick built house – meaning throughout the seasons, the log cabin will accommodate its temperature to keep you comfortable.

For any further information about log homes and the log cabins we provide, please visit the website!

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