How to Maintain the Upkeep of Log Cabins


Blog How to Maintain the Upkeep of Log Cabins

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Log cabins are incredibly popular for their rustic nature and air of simplicity.

Logs naturally provide heating and cooling along with possessing many other benefits. As anticipated, log cabins require unique maintenance.

Annual cleaning

You should be cleaning your log home annually, both the interior and exterior (see below). Note that this should be done on a warm, dry day.

Cleaning the exterior

To avoid stripping the protective finish from your log home, wash the exterior logs with an appropriate solution and a soft bristle brush.

Check landscaping

To prevent both insect and water damage (which we discuss below) the bottom perimeter of the log home should be at a minimum distance of 3-5 feet from tree branches, shrubbery, debris, and mulch.

Preventing infestations

Look out for any signs that may suggest insects are residing in your log home. Indicators include tunnels, blue-stained areas on the wood and small piles of sawdust.

Preventing water damage

Regardless of the home lived in, water damage should always be prevented. However, log cabins may have exposed wood that extends beyond the roof overhang and could become penetrable over time. It is advised to check the exposed timber annually, and reseal it with a water-repellent finish.

Pressure Treated Timber

Pressure treated timber is a quality material for preventing rot and decay. The wood contains additives that strengthen its durability, making it ideal for everything from fencing panels to railway sleepers but especially log cabins!

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