How to rustically decorate a log cabin home


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Any log cabin home exudes rusticity and natural beauty perfectly.

They are especially wonderful spaces to decorate because of their use of earthly and nature-inspired elements. No matter is your log cabin home is a year-round residence or a seasonal retreat, pine cabins are undoubtedly cosy and relaxing.

The subject of decorating a log cabin often results in a casual, lodge-style appearance for homeowners to enjoy throughout the year with their family and friends.

When getting started on the rustic-themed decoration, it’s important to choose earthy, neutral colours. The interior palettes of log cabins are inspired by the natural elements. Popular hues include browns, reds and greens. Each of these hues provides the interior with an earthy, rustic appeal and are perfect for cabin design.

To incorporate rustic flooring, choose rough, low-sheen wood flooring surfaces or add a radiant heated slate floor for a functional yet appropriate flooring.

For furniture, it is advised to use either birch or pine. It is common for light-coloured, rough pine wood to have knots and an uneven surface which naturally enhances an already rustic home. If you’re partial to white-birch, their different varieties add an earthy accent to the interior.

If you incorporate a stone fireplace into your log cabin as a focal point, arrange a conversational grouping around it. Also, you can add a large log mantel atop to give it that extra rustic charm.

Wooden beams on the ceiling are a must when looking to boost the natural elements in log cabins!

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