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There are two types of timber than can be used in log cabins; pine and spruce.


Pine, also know as a redwood, is a material that is increasingly becoming used for a lot of the things that are used daily.

As pine isn’t as dense as spruce, it will absorb water faster than the other timber.
Pine is used widely in gardens for fencing, posts, furniture, equipment etc.


Spruce is a white-wood which won’t discolour as much as pine may.

This particular timber is stronger structurally, is denser and has tighter knots.

The main difference between the two timbers is the density, which can impact the design of a log cabin. As pine and spruce behave differently, problems could arise when the two are mixed.The following problems could be:

The following problems could be:

– Splits and gaps caused by the different rates of expansion
– Pine should have treatment applied to it as it absorbs more water than spruce

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