What are the benefits of using wood for your home?


Blog What are the benefits of using wood for your home?

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The benefits of using wood are endless, but do they transfer to your home if it’s implemented into your construction plans?

The production of wood requires a lot less energy than a number of other building materials, which gives wooden products a clear advantage in terms of the significantly low carbon footprint this produces. Wood can be used as a substitute for a load of materials whilst bringing a load of new benefits to the construction of a building. Wooden products are amazing for a number of reasons, but particularly because they store the carbon that’s taken out of the air in the growing process.

So, besides these amazing points, why should you choose wood as a building material? Here’s a list of fantastic reasons:

Wood is a durable material

It may not be common knowledge, but wood is actually a fantastic material in terms of its durability for both home and commercial buildings. When it’s taken care of properly, wood can last for hundreds of years, reducing the need of repairs to your home. Also, using modern wood preservatives enhance the natural durability of the product.

Wood is a fantastic combatant to climate change

With the way the world is currently, we need to look at new alternatives to reducing carbon emissions from the products we use every day and wood is a fantastic material for the removal of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Wood is a fantastic natural insulator

Wood is a natural insulator and you may know this by the wooden items you may have in your kitchen (think of wooden spoons and how they don’t conduct heat when cooking). This is due to air pockets in its cellular structure. In terms of insulation, wood performs 15 times better than masonry, 400 times better than steel and an amazing 1,770 times better than aluminium.

Wood is a fantastic building material

Again, it may not be known to all, but wood is an incredibly strong material in terms of its structure. In a comparison with steel and concrete, it was shown that the strength of pine timber carries a weight ratio 20 per cent higher than structural steel and a whopping four/five times better than non-reinforced concrete! This means that it’s better to build with, as it’s more likely to be structurally secure than the other options.

Wood is a renewable source

When wood is sourced responsibly, this means it’s renewable. When trees are cut down in order for production purposes, forests will be regrown in order to provide continued benefits to the environment and the increase of oxygen production.

Wood is both efficient and quick to build with

Wood construction is a fast and efficient process, one that’s much quicker than the common options of metals. Having wooden buildings is amazing for the environment, they can be built all year round, in all forms of climates and they’re cheaper at doing so.


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