What is knotty pine?


Blog What is knotty pine?

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Knotty pine is a certain type of timber that is often used to construct houses that are looking for country accents, or want a rustic feel to their pine cabin.

It is a beautifully distinctive wood because of its large knots and defects making it such a striking addition to any home or cabin. Most pine varieties have a strong aroma which some do not like and others do. Knotty pine is sold in a variety of forms, ranging from pre-finished tongue and groove pieces for wall paneling to decorative columns and beams.

Knotty pine isn’t generally used in important structural applications as the pine is soft and the knots could lead to the wood to bow, break or split. This wood is more suited for decorative purposes, in moderation.

Another common use of knotty pine is for walls, also flooring, however using pine as flooring isn’t advised because of its soft nature. In saying that, if you do opt for a pine floor, you will need to ensure the wood have been conditioned and varnished correctly to prevent scarring, dents and any other damage.

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