What Type Footings Does a Log Home Need?


Blog What Type Footings Does a Log Home Need?

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Log cabins that have been handmade are incredibly versatile in regards to the type of footings that can be used.

Due to the way a building has been constructed, each of the logs will act as its own ‘lintel’ so a log wall can span between pier footings or strip footings easily.

Smaller cabins are usually specified with pier footings as they are much simpler, fairly inexpensive and can work well on sloping and flat ground.

If customers are choosing a full log home, we recommend choosing a full footing and slab, this will make it easier to correctly insulate (minimise thermal bridging) and allows for installation of underfloor heating within a screed.

Also, the depth of footings will depend upon the ground where it is to be sited and the foundations will need to be passed by a structural engineer.

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